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If you own, operate, or manage property in Metro Atlanta or West Georgia, you need professional Property Improvement, Repair, and Maintenance Services you can trust. Contact Sapphire Services, LLC!

Call or contact us for these, and other great Sapphire Services!

HVAC Services

Professional Installation, Repairs, Replacements, Maintenance, and Monitoring of all HVAC systems.


Backflow, Installations, Leak Repairs, Leak Prevention, Line Excavation, Line Replacement.


Wiring & Fixture Repairs, Installation, Replacement, and Code Certification as needed for your project.

Home Inspections

Officially Documented Home Inspections as needed for your home, apartment, or other property.


Repairs, Maintenance, Replacements, and Installations as needed to turnover your Property between Tenants.

Home Repairs

Home and apartment repairs as needed inside the scope of your required property.

Preventative Maintenance

For all your required properties, we can save you major $$$ with Preventative Maintenance.